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I get asked a lot about recommendations for startup companies wishing to pursue there ecommerce ventures. I’m going to start a series of posts on my recommendations for websites in their early days looking to grow quickly. Of course there is no exact formula and there are some tools better suited to certain industries but here goes!

Let’s start with the basics. Platform.

Lot’s of personal preference here but I’ll run through the big 3 in my eyes.

First up. Magento

Great platform for those looking to scale quickly, I’ve seen companies go from £0 to £15million on the same platform, yes they evolved but the core remained the same. Not the cheapest or easiest to develop but will save you time and money in your 5 year plan. For those starting out don’t even consider Enterprise or Commerce as it is now know. Stick to Community. Magento 1 was well proven with a massive community behind it and more modules/extensions than you can shake a stick at. The new Magento 2 platform is still in it’s early days but looks to be gaining momentum. Magento 1 extensions are getting converted to Magento 2 extensions, more agencies are making more sites and Magento themselves are releasing new versions to iron out all the bugs that were discovered in the early days. I will do a more in depth article on Magento later.

Next – Woocommerce

This is a great platform for those wishing to get something live quick. Magento sites can take a while to develop where as Woocomerce you can very quickly plug and play a lot of modules/extensions/plugins and themes and be setup in hours if you really wanted. There’s a massive collection of people developing on this platform (thanks to it being WordPress based) and modules/extensions/plugins and themes range from free to thousands of pounds. I’d recommend this platform for those who are little unsure where they are heading on their ecommerce journey and want to test things quickly and cheaply.

Finally. Shopify.

I’m pretty sure everyone will have heard of Shopify, this is slightly different to the platforms above as it’s the only one that isn’t free and open source. You can find their pricing here. Again another great platform to get setup very quickly this one comes with the added benefit of it being hosted so no third party hosting to worry about.


Any questions shout!

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