Magento Optimisation – Part 1

Recently I have been exploring way in which to make Magento fly, and when I say fly I just mean not be as sluggish as it is out of the box. It’s well know that Magento is resource intensive meaning that a good powerful server is a must.


As far as hosting goes my default option is and always has been Simple Servers. Not only have I found them to be the fastest Magento hosting but also their support and response time is very impressive.


Another must is a well configured .htaccess file, this is normally a very quick win if it has never been set up. You can find the version that I prefer to use here.

CSS, JS and HTML compression


Magento without any additional features or modules calls 25 JS files in the head of every page. The more requests the slower the site. Fortunately it is easy to merge all the CSS and Javascript files into 1 each each, drastically reducing the number of http requests made.

To merge CSS and JS files:

System -> configuration -> developer

Merge Javascript files -> yes

Merge CSS files -> yes


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