Magento 1.9 POA

Add a new attribute, ‘poa’. Go to Admin→Catalog→Attributes→Manage Attributes and add a new attribute. Call it ‘poa’, set it to type ‘Dropdown’, ‘Global Scope’, Unique Value of ‘No’, Values Required ‘No’, ‘Apply to All Product Types’ and set ‘No’ to all Frontend Properties. EXCEPT : ‘Used in product listing’, Set to ‘yes’ to have the modifications […]

Magento Category XML updates

Using the custom layout field on category pages can provide some great flexibility when it comes to creating categories that need to be different to the rest of the website. Change the template of your category, ensure that the file exists in /template/page/ <reference name=”root”> <action method=”setTemplate”><template>page/christmas.phtml</template></action> </reference>   Change the category view to be […]

Magento download module from Magento Connect

I’ve often been in situation where I needed to get hold of the source code of a module on Magento Connect, their is an easy way of getting hold of it and it goes in the format of the below:{PACKAGE NAME}/{VERSION}/{PACKAGE NAME}-{VERSION}.tgz An example of this would be: Magento connect link: You can […]

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