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I’m starting to get hacked off with the amount spam that is affecting the reporting of some of the websites that I manage. Some websites seem to get spammed where others don’t. I really would have thought by now that Google would have found a way to combat it. The same names appear time after time and I’m just not really sure what they are trying to achieve. Although am I really surprised at this is what we are seeing? Probably not after all the number of bots that are on the internet have outnumber the amount of people.

There are a couple of fixes, the one I tend to adopt is using the filters in Google Analytics but other options include adding some lines to the htaccess file.

If you go to Google Analytics click on the “Admin” tab at the top of the page. On the view column you will need to click in to the “Filters” section then select the “+New Filter Button.” Give your filter a name, click “Custom” filter type, “Exclude” should be selected as default but if not select it. You will then need to choose “Campaign Source”  and add the URL you want to exclude in the Filter Pattern field. If you click “Verify this filter” button it will then show you how many session it would exclude. Once you are happy that it is going to exclude the traffic that you don’t want hit “Save” and you shouldn’t see any more.

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